Anna works with individual clients on a variety of presenting mental health issues including, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, women's issues, eating disorders, self-esteem, stress management, parenting/family issues, grief, and sexual/gender identity. However, she enjoys working with all populations. Individual sessions are 60-minutes long. Without insurance, the initial session is $120, and subsequent sessions are $80.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with a partner or spouse while balancing other identity roles such as work, and/or parenting can be difficult at times. Anna works with couples to explore their areas of discord, strengthen communication skills, and improve shortcomings, while learning to value to personal assets each individual brings to the relationship. Couples / marriage counseling sessions are 60-minutes long. Without insurance, the initial session is $120 and subsequent sessions are $80.

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​Therapeutic Visitation

​Emotional Eating Support Group for Women

Anna provides therapeutic visitation for Saratoga, Warren, and Washington County Family Courts, as well as Warren and Washington Department of Social Services. Therapeutic visits are typically for parents/guardians who have lost custody of their child(ren) or have significantly impaired relationships with their child(ren). Anna meets with the child(ren) individually at least once, sometimes twice, to review the therapeutic guidelines, create rules to help the child(ren) feel safe, develop goals, and to establish a therapeutic relationship prior to the first visit with their parent/guardian. Anna also meets with the adult ordered to participate in therapeutic visits once individually to address concerns, review therapeutic guidelines, and develop goals. Once the individual sessions are completed, the therapeutic visits normally take place once a week.

The goals of therapeutic visitation are to help the child(ren) feel comfortable around their parent/guardian, to facilitate significant dialog between the participants, and to work towards repairing and strengthening the relationship. Clinically objective reports are sent to the Court and Law Guardian as needed to provide updates on the therapeutic process. These reports contain factual observations from the visits, and DO NOT contain any recommendations for custody.

Therapeutic visits are 60-minutes long and are $120 for each individual session and $80 per therapeutic visitation session. There is a report-writing fee of $40 per clinical update needed to be sent to the Court and Law Guardian. The adult ordered to participate in the visits is typically responsible for paying, and therapeutic visitation IS NOT billed to insurance.

Anna currently offers a weekly support group for women who struggle with emotional eating / overeating. Underlying issues are explored, including anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger, guilt, poor self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, etc. This group is intended to be a safe and welcoming environment for women to make connections with each other while learning to identify their triggers for using food to self-medicate. This is an open group and members are welcome to attend according to their personal schedules. Without insurance, each group session is $20. If you would like to attend, please call the office for more information.

​Anna works with children, adolescents, and adults - providing individual, couples/marriage, family, and group counseling, as well as therapeutic visitation. Anna participates with Aetna, CDPHP, Fidelis, and Tricare insurances. If you would like to schedule an appointment with her, please call the office at (518) 683-5303.​

Anna works with families to help improve and strengthen the relationship between children/adolescents and their parent(s)/guardian(s). The family system is explored and evaluated, including each member's leadership roles, patterns of mistaken interactions, communication skills, and goals for the family. Family counseling sessions are 60-minutes long. Without insurance, the initial session is $120 and subsequent sessions are $80.

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​Anna Doran Sadowski, M.S., LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor